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“Backlink” is one of the most used words in the world of search engine optimization. Many bloggers who have only recently started a blog or a website often struggle to understand what the term “backlink” means. In this post, I hope you offer you an understanding of what backlinks are and why they are essential to SEO and your online success.

In the world of SEO, links are fairly important. Links amassed to websites, along with a series of other SEO tactics, have a significant effect on how prominently a brand will appear in search engine rankings, and subsequently impact how much organic traffic the site will garner as a result. It’s logical to assume that the higher a company’s website appears in a search engine result, the more likely a user is to select that result, and pursue interest with the respective brand. For this reason, an effective SEO strategy is quite relative to an organization’s success, and a backlink profile is an integral part of what that strategy should encompass.

That being said, not just any link back to a website can help to grow brands online. Gone are the days where ‘black hat’ SEO strategies aimed at link building were considered acceptable and even impactful. Links that are authoritative, earned, and relevant are the ones that make a difference with backlink profiles today. On the other hand, links that are paid for (like on mass-listing or directory sites), “schemed,” or completely irrelevant are not going to be very helpful in terms of building a backlink profile that helps overall search engine rankings. And in fact, ‘linkbuilding’ schemes that fail to adhere with Google’s guidelines and best practices can actually have adverse impacts on rankings, which in turn can sink profitability and growth quite quick

Backlinks are incoming links to your webpage. When a web page links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. Backlinks were the major metric for the ranking of a web site. Page with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher with all major search engines. Backlinks help in getting better search engine rankings. If your content is getting organic links from other sites, that content will  rank higher with search engines.